Cape Coral vacation rental - Villa Sea Shell

The Villa Seashell was completed in fall 2023 and offers a spacious, bright, modern ambience for your vacation on about 2000 sqft. Large sliding glass doors in every rear facing room allow you to connect the living and dining area with the lanai or just open the inside to the outside.

But see yourself.
A few numbers in advance:

  • 450 sqft living room with 12 ft large zero corner sliding glass doors
  • 120 sqft open kitchen with a huge 25 sqft island in Waterfall design
  • 325 sqft shaded lanai
  • 1275 sqft outdoor area with picture window screen
  • 400 sqft large heated pool with jacuzzi, outdoor shower, lounges and a beautiful view over the Cordoba Canal as well as 3 large bedrooms with king-size beds and 2 bathrooms.